12 Facts, If You Want A Healthy Life


Workout before bed makes your muscle burn more while you sleep.


If you Have sunburn and Skin damage problem then eat tomatoes it help to prevent sunburn or tomato is the best defence for sunburn.


If you have blood pressure problem then eat WATERMELON, It significantly REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE.


If you have problem in Hungry I’m or not then You need to ask yourself one question and the question is Want a Apple if your answer is no, then you’re probably bored instead hungry.


If you have cramp problem while you running ? Only exhale when your left foot hits the ground.


If you have sore throat then drink pineapple juice and it is more effective then cough syrup.


In stuffy noise you need do only one thing and this is where you sleep leave a sliced of onion near or when you wake up you will have clear noise.


If you crappy feeling then smell orange because In a study this is proved the scent of orange reduce stress and improve mood and make you feel free.


If you want healthy skin and hair you need a cold water shower.


Most important thing of life you need only two friends in which you can trust and dedicate time to.

have many friends can lead to stress and depression.


If you want pimple gone quick you need Listerine the alcohol in it will dry it up and cause it to fade.


If you applying your deodorant in morning stopped it and applying in night it is effective more then appying morning and you will sweat less in next day.



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